What Doesn't Kill Me, Makes Me Stronger! 3-point shot of a basketball player

"STREETBALL, my game, my life..."

Freestyle dunking, ball-handling, dribbling, I was fascinated on all of these skills that happened without rigid rules! 

I am a sport enthusiast. I have strong game sense, especially in streetball. I found myself and discovered my talent in streetball when I was still a 9 years kid. That was the first time when a streetbalI battle caught my attention on my way back to home. 

Since then ever, I had established an immortal relationship with STREETBALL!

Growing up in a broken family

I grew up in a broken family. My mother had left us after gave birth of me. Both of my parents were not stuck around since I was born.

I used to collect reusable items, for my daily meals.

I just feel insecure for all the time.

To give vent to my feelings, I went to the nearby court and enjoyed watching the streetball battle. That was the only moment when I can completely stay focus and release my negative emotions.

Their zeal, and they have made valiant effort in dunking the ball... The tempest in my mind fully took my feeling, left only my heartbeats.

I gained my sense of belonging from STREETBALL!

A messed up Teen Years

How I wish I could show off my skills on the court, join the streetball battle, just like what the other boys done! Wore up nice shoes, driving to the hoop, played with MONSTER DUNK, BEHIND-THE-BACK DRIBBLE, CROSS-LEG DRIBBLE... Cool right? 

You can't imagine how I gone crazy for these. And, this could be a mission impossible for me. 

As it was only a pair of tattered shoes on my bare feet. 

What I've got only this - an abandoned basketball and a handmade backboard, which I found it in a filthy dump.

I appreciated this ball very much, even though it was just an abandoned rubbish to the others. I played this ball, tried out all the skills I observed from the court. That was the time I unlocked my talent!

It still fresh in my mind. The sun shining bright on the day. I came upon the bullies of our school. They had grabbed my ONLY toy from me! This was irritated me. What's worse, they threw my basketball to the rubbish bin. I was madden by them at once. Without further consideration, I took a swing at the one, who seems to be their gang leader.

The fight was on the verge to break out. My knee was hurt when they shuffled a wood billet on it. That moment...my mind went blank. I hold my knee in pain.

I admitted to the hospital and treated for my knee. The surgeon performed Arthroscopic Surgery on him, to repair his broken ligament.

No one even care about me!

I was sentenced to juvenile detention center (JDC)!

At the end of the case, I was sentenced to one year in Juveniles Detention Center (JDC). Without crying, struggling, I accepted.

It's fate... I told myself. I wondered if there is hope out there. I have lost faith in my life. 

Life in JDC was not easy. As the new-comers, I was discriminated by the other juvenile pariahs. Believe it or not, some of them involved in rape and murder case.

I had isolated myself and refuse to interact with the others.

The only way I released my emotions and find my peace of mind was watching the others made their shot on the basketball court. Streetball battle not exist here, but only BASKETBALL!

I like to spend my free time here. This was the only thing remained same as my previous life outside JDC.

from streetball to basketball league officially

I was suffered in achy pain on my knee, since the brawl. I didn't take this injury serious, never disclose to anyone. But. I felt the achy pain all the while, especially when I walked up the stairs and crouched down.

I had ignored my knee pain. I had not feeling painful on my knee after resting for a period of time. So, I assumed that it was recovered.

"It was during the period of staying in solitary confinement. I retrieved my dream for being a basketball player."

One day, the coach who provided basketball training in JDC. He approached me and made an offer to me, whether I am interested to join them for the basketball training, instead of watching them from far.

Passion and dream drives me accepted to try, make a living out of the sports I used to love for so long.

My journey in pursuing my dream was kick-started officially since that fateful day!

"When you are not practicing, 

someone else is getting better."

 ~ Allen Iverson, a retired basketball player.  

I continued my basketball training at Andy's private coached, after I was released from Juvenile Detention Center (JDC).

I reminded myself, I have to put more effort than the others, I have to proof my ability.

I was habitually shown up 30 minutes earlier and back later than senior teammates for every training sessions. As I knew, I had to appreciate whatever chances offered.

I usually been in a sweat all over by the time my teammates arrived for the training.

Instead of a magic bullet, I embraced more in the effort I had put in the training.

Double Kill In My Life!

Forced to give up...my first-ever summer tournament

Two months before the Summer Tournament, I was excited and looked forward to the tournament. It's time to proof my ability and talent. 

Finally, it's time...

That was the darkest night in my life. We were practicing on the court to get ready for the tournament next day.

Suddenly, I felt sharp pain in my knee.  I was holding my knee for pain, my teammates called over the orthopedic physician, Dr. Alex, who had been with the league for two years by that time.

Dr. Alex provided me with immediate treatment. He had facilitated Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on my knee.

I felt down in the dumps when I was acknowledged that my old wound recurred and ligament was about to tear due to overuse!

This could shut down my dream that hasn't yet begun!

I fought all the way to keep my dream alive, while battling against my knee issues. I thought it was recovered completely...

"Why now?", I mumbled to myself. It was my first-ever tournament!

The physician insisted not to allow me for the attending the tournament. 

"Prepare for a possible needle, or more, in your knees, if you insisted. You have to take rest to prevent your ligament from tear off."

My coach, Andy also advised me to take off after listened to the physician. So, I forced to skip the training temporarily.

Dr. alex: "Prepare for a possible needle, or more... 

in your knees"

One week after the diagnosis, Dr. Alex came to visit me. He handed me his invention - GearUp™ Patella Protector, and told me, "Never Give Up, Great Things Take Time".

It was unexpected, I wore the patella protector and it soothed my knee pain.

I went back for the regular check-up on my knee. The physician was unbelievable on what had happened on it. My knee's ligament had recovered after this period of rest. 

It's speedy!

I could hardly wait to request permission from Andy for getting back to the court. Finally, Andy allowed me to get back for the training after listened to the physician.

GearUp™ Patella Protector

Yes! I was ultimately back!

Ever since then, I wore the GearUp™ Patella Protector to protect my knee ligament. According to Dr. Alex, basketball player like us are at extremely high risk for knee injuries, such as tendonitis and ligament issues. .

And, this GearUp™ Patella Protector provides optimal compression grade, it helps my knee by:

  • Improving blood circulation & muscle exercise

  • Reducing stress and relieve pressure on the knee-joint

  • Stimulating blood flow which helps in recovery from knee injuries

Stretching, Hooping, are not a big deal for me!

A DOUBLE PUMP, got me the first trophy in my life on the Summer Tournament of the coming year! 
I was traded around with league, and played for more tournaments.

I am glad I did it eventually, even though I had took a longer route!